eAcademy™ Program Partners

The Westmoreland Intermediate Unit values the partnerships that help us to support all learners through eAcademy™. In addition to our Consortium Member Districts, we also partner with the following organizations. To learn more about a partner, please click on their site links in the descriptions below.

Genius SIS

The Westmoreland Intermediate Unit has proudly partnered with Genius SIS since 2018 to enhance our users' experience in eAcademy™.

Genius SIS, Inc., is a software company located in Florida, USA. Operating since 2009, we develop Student Information Systems (SIS) and Training Management Systems (TMS) for schools, colleges, corporations and government entities who need to provide online education for their users.

To learn more, please click here.

Moodle LMS

The Westmoreland Intermediate Unit operates one of the largest Moodle installations in the United States.

Powering hundreds of thousands of learning environments globally, Moodle is trusted by institutions and organizations large and small, including Shell, London School of Economics, State University of New York, Microsoft and the Open University. Moodle’s worldwide numbers of more than 213 million users across both academic and enterprise level usage makes it the world’s most widely used learning platform.

To learn more, please click here.

Schoology LMS


eAcademy™ proudly partners with higher education organizations to provide pre-service teachers and graduate students with experiences in online learning. Students gain valuable experiences and expand their understanding of instructional methodologies and formats by interacting with our staff, teachers, and courses in real-time. To learn more about each organization, please click on their name.

To learn about partnering with eAcademy™ to bring these experiences and opportunities to your students, please reach out to Mrs. Rebecca M. Henderson, Distance Learning Supervisor, at rhenderson@wiu7.org.