eAcademy™ Consortium Member Districts

We are grateful to work with our Consortium Districts as we work collaboratively to support our learners. Each district operates their own Cyber Education Program in partnership with the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit. If you are interested in learning more about the Cyber Education Program offered by each district, please see the information below.

For information about BVA eAcademy, please contact Mr. Heath Curran, Belle Vernon Area High School Assistant Principal and BVASD eAcademy Director 724-808-2500 x2500 or heath.curran@bvasd.net.

For information about Burrell eAcademy, please contact Dr. Greg Egnor, Director of Student Services at 724-334-1406 or gegnor@burrell.k12.pa.us.

For more information about Derry Cyber, please contact Mr. Mike Moximchalk at 724-694-1401 or mmoximchalk@dasd.us or Mrs. Stephanie Freeman, High School Guidance Counselor at 724-694-1465 or sfreeman@dasd.us.

For more information about Franklin Regional Online Learning Academy (FROLA), please contact Mr. Roger Crider, Online Education Advisor at 724-327-5456 or rcrider@franklinregional.k12.pa.us.

For more information about eCat Online Academy, please contact Ms. Mandy Newcomer, Curriculum and Software Services Assistant at 724-539-4200 x11205 or mandy.newcomer@glsd.us.

For more information about ePride Online Academy, please contact Dr. Kenneth Bissell, Superintendent at 724-832-2991 or epride@gslions.net.

For more information about Kiski eAcademy, please contact Mr. Dan Smith, Upper Elementary Assistant Principal at 724-727-3421 or dan.smith@kiskiarea.com.

For more information about Mount Pleasant Area eAcademy, please contact Mr. Allan Bilinsky, Mount Pleasant Area Senior High School Assistant Principal at 724-547-4100 or abilinsky@mpasd.net.

For more information about Norwin Online Academy, please contact Mr. Nick Fallone, Principal of Norwin Online Academy at 724-861-3035 x1912 or nfallone@norwinsd.org.

For more information about PT eAcademy, please contact Mr. Roger Sullivan, Trafford Middle School Principal, at 412-372-6600 or sullivanr@penntrafford.org.

For more information about PASD eAcademy, please contact Mr. Manny Barbazzeni, High School Principal at 814-938-5151 x1855 or mbarbazzeni@punxsy.k12.pa.us or Mrs. Sheena Smelko, Assistant Elementary Principal at 814-938-5151 x2000 or ssmelko@punxsy.k12.pa.us.

For more information about Southmoreland Online Learning Academy (SOLA), please contact Mr. Vince Mascia, Superintendent, at 724-887-2000 or masciav@southmoreland.net.

For more information about Yough eAcademy, please contact Mr. Jason Kramer, YHS Librarian, at 724-446-5520 x72025 or kramerj@youghsd.net.


Non-Consortium Member Districts

In an effort to support all public and non-public school districts as they build capacity for online learning, any organization can choose to utilize eAcademy™ courses to provide an alternative to cyber charter schools for their families. Any district that is interested in participating as an eAcademy™ Non-Consortium Member should reach out directly to:

Mrs. Rebecca M. Henderson, Distance Learning Supervisor