The purpose of eAcademy™ is to provide local school districts with the ability to build the capacity to fully integrate online learning into their schools. As we have grown, we have built partnerships that enable us to provide additional resources to our districts.

In 2017, the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit recognized the need to establish partnerships that would help us provide access to additional courses from content providers that have not yet been developed by our eAcademy teachers. This resulted in the establishment of eAcademyPLUS™, a facet of eAcademy that allows us to offer additional courses to our students by leveraging vendor-created digital courses paired with instruction from local teachers.   

All eAcademyPLUS™ teachers have the required skills necessary to review, revise, and teach high-quality, rigorous, and engaging online courses that are aligned to their district’s curriculum.

K-5 Accelerate Education Courses

Our Teachers

All eAcademyPLUS™ K-5 teachers are full-time teachers actively teaching in Westmoreland County public school districts. This local connection ensures that we are able to provide consistent communication and support to all of our learners.

Interactive Elements

Each course is designed to be as interactive and engaging as possible. Every lesson includes video presentations, color coding, practice activities, and hands-on elements to ensure meaningful understanding. In addition, teachers can offer optional live group sessions or live one-on-one sessions to support learners and encourage collaboration.

Learning Coaches

Learning Coaches are a critical part of learner success in eAcademyPLUS™. Each lesson includes a Learning Coach Page that has dedicated support documents and videos for parents / guardians as they support their learner at home.

CWCTC Cyber Academy

The Westmoreland Intermediate Unit is proud to announce our newest partnership with Central Westmoreland Career and Technical Center's CWCTC Cyber Academy!  Partnering in 2023, CWCTC Cyber Academy has developed high-quality CTE instruction for the virtual learning environment.  These semester courses, developed in-house, by their own, highly experienced teachers, are designed to bridge employer relationships with non-traditional CTC students.  The courses also offer pre-CTC students an opportunity to experience Career and Technical Center educational programs in middle school or 9th grade in order to help inform them of potential programs of study and engage upperclassmen who have not attended a Career and Technical Center with relevant coursework that is aligned with their postsecondary goals.

K-5 Pearson Connexus Courses

Recognizing that many young learners prefer live interaction with teachers, the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit entered into a partnership with Pearson Connexus in 2022 to provide our districts with access to Synchronous Online Courses for their online learners.   This partnership allowed us to expand our distance learning services to our districts so that they could continue to build their capacity for online learning.

Pearson Connexus synchronous online courses have a consistent structure and align with an in-class instructional experience, housed in a virtual platform that includes the digital tools necessary for students to be academically successful.