Building Your Capacity for Online Learning

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Our History

Established in 2008, the purpose of eAcademy™ is to provide local school districts with the ability to build the capacity to fully integrate online learning into their schools. eAcademy™ is not a “cyber school." Rather, it is an online learning initiative that involves a comprehensive shift in the way we envision our public schools. As our world and the growing number of learners enrolled in cyber schools have indicated, there is an undeniable need for all schools to embrace online learning as a viable option for learners. 

Our goal is for each district to be able to offer the majority of their curriculum in both an online and face-to-face format resulting in an educational system where learners can move seamlessly between classroom and online courses. This gives districts the ability to provide learners with the flexibility of online courses without leaving the district. Through eAcademy™, all district teachers will gain the required skills necessary to create and teach high-quality, rigorous and engaging online courses that are aligned to their district’s curriculum. The consortium of schools participating in eAcademy™ allows for sharing of courses and resources giving districts the opportunity to develop their online learning initiatives over time. eAcademy™ can be customized to meet individual district needs to successfully carry them through the 21st century.

Our Teachers

All eAcademy™ teachers are full-time teachers actively teaching in public school districts in Westmoreland County. Our teachers understand the culture and instructional needs of Pennsylvania learners on a deep and systemic level.

Our Content

Unlike other statewide options that leverage vendor-created content to provide instruction, each eAcademy™ course is designed from scratch by the instructor ensuring it is rigorous, relevant to our student population, and 100% aligned to PA Core and Academic Standards.

Our Consortium

For over a decade, the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit has been supporting our local school districts through eAcademy™.  WIU staff works closely with our Consortium members to provide teachers with the skills that they need to develop courses and teach in a virtual learning environment.  Additional unlimited services include supporting districts as they build and brand their own online program, 24/7 access to our Help Desk, personalized professional development sessions, countywide workshops, and equipment rentals.

Meet Our Staff

WIU Curriculum Services Team

Mr. Timothy Hammill - Curriculum Services Director - 

Mrs. Lauren Cunningham - Curriculum Services Supervisor - 

Dr. Diane Fierle - Curriculum Services Supervisor -

Dr. Rebecca M. Henderson - Curriculum Services Supervisor -

Ms. Jennie Moore - Curriculum Services Secretary -

Ms. Sue Soltis - Curriculum Services Support Specialist -